okay one British is the name of the person from Britian...
two iwas reading these definitions and there is so much bashing going on between the british and the americans, it's rediculess. I was born in Britian that makes me British, but i live in both America and Germany(damn parents divorced)...
Niethor country is better than the other, both have their problems...but America does seem to have more at the moment...
Anyways with that being said...get over these damn sterio-types of us Brits having bad teeth, and thining we are all snoody, and look down our noses on everybody else. Just because Austin Powers was "british" and he had bad teeth doesnt mean eveyone does...Again Hollywood screws with your head.
Same with Americans. Not Everyone is lazy and thinks that they are hard and gangser, and eats at bloody Mc Donalds everyday!!...
There are Ugly people all over the world, trust me I have seen most of it...and if you have bad teeth, well thats why they made braces, now isn't it?
apparently i have to use the word british in my examlpe...yay...
NOW....bloody hell get past your closed minded sterio-types
by brit.amer.stpnk September 30, 2006
Typically it is thought of as a nationality, but it has come to be a substitute word for "cool", "rad", etc.
Hey girl! Your new shoes are so british!
by alyssa xox March 21, 2007
A slightly eccentric but brilliant people who live in the British Isles. We are generally seen as quite snobby and cold but that's mainly down to our awkwardness when it comes to social situations. This is where our love of talking about the weather comes in handy as it is a universal ice breaker which we Brits use a lot. Luckily for us our weather is weird enough to make it quite an interesting and lengthy conversation. We also seem to be disliked for our sense of humour which can, if misunderstood, seem rude but to us sarcasm is a second language and its actually really funny if you get it. Oh also we probably are a bit obsessed with tea but then again its awesome.

Also we are not all racists who hate other countries, in fact that's only a small minority of the population. I personally think Americans are awesome and one of my favourite things about them is their presentation of the British in their TV programmes however inaccurate and non representing of the rest of Britain they are.
brit 1: hi

brit 2: hi

<awkward pause>

brit 1: so what is up with the weather?

brit 2: I know its so weird right...

<awkwardness avoided, British style>
by president of the berry club November 05, 2011
Britain, (England, Scotland, Wales, NORTHERN Ireland)

I'm British, from England, near Manchester (yes, Manchester United)
England is an amazing place, people have GOOD dental hygiene, the most BLOODY BRILLIANT music (youtube house music and most of all dupstep, fucking loveee it, in fact if you're american google BBC Radio 1 and listen to it, it ROCKS), probably the best literature (come on, Shakespeare and JK Rowling?), the BEST drink in the world (tea of course, very good with some yummy biscuits), i we swear alot also, heads up ;)
Americans reading this, i HAVE ALWAYS WANTED TO LIVE IN AMERICA. i have always loved your 'who gives a fuck' attitude, i have some friends that live in New York and they are some of the best people i know!! we aren't nice, friendly, respectful people that can take the piss out of ourselves and have such a sly sense of humour that most americans won't understand! (not calling you thick/stupid at all)
(okay we complain 25/8 about anything e.g. weather, teenagers, money, banks, clothes, schools, david cameron (prime minister), news, other people etc.)
I LOVE where i live, but i also LOVE America, i'm happy that our countries have such close relations, how much we have to offer each other, and the people that live in these places.

Seriously though, look up Dupstep (UKF stuff is good) and House, that music is probably the best thing since sliced bread. BBC Radio 1 play it aaaaaaaall the time.

British people aren't stuck up wankers with bad teeth just as much as American people are fat ignorant twats!
by dubstep1995 February 24, 2011
adj. To be overly conscious of class distinctions.
Dude, Sara didn't reject you because your dad's a plumber. Don't be so British.

"I like her, but she's too...poor. Just loud and tacky and dumb. Oh my God that was really British of me."
by zack3315 December 24, 2008
A good, fun, tea-loving, good sitcom-producing bunch of people. Some Irish resent them for constantly taking over the small country and owning 2/3 of Ulster.

Generally good people but as an Irish person I'm a little cautious in case more riots (eg the Troubles, Easter Rising, Plantations) break out.
British people speak in lots of dialects.
by MissyUseless-and-Irish April 10, 2011
The incorrect way to say more than one British citizen. It sounds pretty funny, and it's fun to say, so why not?
Ziggy: Dude... Don't even lie. You're one of those Britishes. You can't hide it with your accent.
Zal: Shut up! I am not!
by SilentInfatuation January 20, 2010
The people of Britain, has many beautiful women (please go to bestuff and look for "British Girls"). British people or people of British descent are very prominant in places like Australia. Many people have been fooled by Bridget Jones' Diary into thinking that all British are overweight, unhappy chain-smokers, as you have seen that is not the case. British people are usually very nice, but can be turn extremely angry when made fun off or insulted, so be careful. Most British hate being called "Brits" and "Roastbifs" (the English in particular).
Foreigner with no knowledge of British people: British women are fat and ugly!

British person: Incorrect, is Kiera Knightly fat and ugly? Or how about Victoria Beckham?, or Kate Winslet? etc etc
by Iameverywhereyetno-whereatall August 08, 2009

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