Whats it like to be British? An understanding of subtle irony in comedy is very important as is a self depreciating sense of humour. Hating the French and most other Europeans would be an advantage but viewing the former colonys as "naughty children" when they start wars or international feuds etc. Manners and a sense of fair play are also very important. I personally do have bad teeth and see no real malice in americans making jokes about the british teeth (its just a joke!!)
Oh and on a final note we gave the French mad cow disease LOL!!!
"Yes you did bail us out in 1945 but we gave you our splendid language"
"British people best in the world, old chap"
by Pikey mullet September 28, 2005
A wonderful load of tea drinking loons from which I am proud to come from!
Some British aren't pleasant like the chavs aka the people who look like they endorse Mckenzie. All in all I love my country!
Oh look at that old nanny drinking tea, Alfred! Ooh poppycock she MUST be British, lah-de-dah green wellied wallies!!!!
by *Camden_Rocks* July 22, 2008
A demonym usually used by ignorant people to describe the English, yet actually describes all those who inhabit the UK. This includes England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland.

An ignorant person: OMG! He's speaking with a British accent.
A non-ignorant person: No, he has an English accent, you twat.
by jjaboooooooooo June 15, 2008
A word used to describe Irish people by Americans with inferiority complexes on XBox Live.
Irish: Alright what's the craic lads? (In heavy Irish accent)
Irish: I'm Irish
American: Shut up you blutty wanker. Toodlepip Harry Potter. Cheerio. (Impression sounding more like Mary Poppins then anything ever heard in Ireland.)
American: Oh sorry bro, me too.
Irish: Oh yeah, where's your family from?
American: ?
by Strawballs July 10, 2008
Someone said:

"I also thought the americans were our friends...obviously not, they seem to hate us for some reason judging by the amount of crap isults posted in this dictionary..."

Well, I think this has more to do with what so many British people say about Americans than the other way around.

I personally love and respect the UK as well as its people. When I went there, it was fantastic. Very nice people, very scenic areas, and lovely automobiles that aren't sold here in the US. If only I could have an Audi RS4 Avant... (-:

There should be no stereotypes from either "side." It just doesn't make sense. What's the point? Most British people don't have bad teeth, and most Americans aren't nearly as stupid/ignorant as they'd like to believe.

A lot of it just stems from the most visible celebrities. Most notably, our president, but also eternally messed-up persons like Britney Spears and Lindsay Lohan. How about focusing on Barack Obama, Beyonce, Angelina Jolie, Janet Jackson, George Clooney etc. instead? The people that have made this world a better place are the only ones worth talking about.

And a lot of those people happen to be British! I can't wait to go back.
American 1: I'd like to live in London some day. It's very beautiful.

American 2: Definitely... and the British aren't bad, either.
by glencoe_fox January 28, 2008
British is the adjectival form of Britain. In terms of etymology, it is derived from Pretannic, a term once used as collective description for the inhabitants of both Great Britain and Ireland.
Someone from the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland is British.
by A true definition August 22, 2006
Clearly there are people reading this who dislike the British. I would have to say that I myself am English, and always ensure that I discern between England, Ireland, Scotland and Wales.
I have good teeth (though the NHS dentistry is a bit of a running joke these days)
I'm not gay, but neither am I homophobic, and infact have several gay friends (who I am not, by the way, completely paranoid about to the point where I stand with my back to the wall every time I meet them).

I think one of the most important characteristics of the British is our ability to not take ourselves too seriously.
I laugh at some of the comments on here; yes I am sure we often give off the "higher than thou" vibe, and I can see why many other cultures would resent us, and yes we have "mingers" just like everyone else. But water off a ducks back guys!

The way I see it, we know we're damn good, we just don't feel the need to show off :-)
A quintessential British Icon,
If you're not a Brit, then you're not it.
by tom_densa August 14, 2006
Word to describe someone who originates from United Kingdom of Great Britain or whom was born of British parents.

Notoriously snobby throughout the world. Also known for their etiquette, polite ways and stiff upper lip.

Definitely the best nationality to be.

Also slang for something very 'proper'. "Very British!"

Better than the French at fighting (the latter couldn't beat a girls' hockey team).
"This is Britain, and everything's going to be all right, it's all okay"
by BJD June 19, 2004

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