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The airline company that put Snoop Dogg on its "no-fly" list.
Do I need an example for British Airways?
by king asshole September 08, 2006
60 9
An airline that has absolutely no notion of how to deliver minimum customer expectations, but will shamelessly take their money through grossly overinflated and uncompetitive fares.

An airline staffed entirely by unyielding, militant unionists and sour, humourless battleaxes, who- despite being more than reasonably paid- would rather drive their employers into the ground than do an honest day’s work.

An airline that erroneously claims to the be the ‘world’s favourite’, but is actually the most reviled, useless, unreliable, staid and crap carrier in the Western World.

An airline that symbolises very prodigiously everything that has gone wrong with the country whose flag it flies.
'I'd love to see you and and the kids over Christmas, but I could only get a ticket with British Airways'.

Why would anyone fly British Airways these days?

I spent five days sleeping on the floor of Heathrow because of strikes by British Airways

Virgin Atlantic is so much better than British Airways

British Airways has given us no information, so we still don't know if we'll fly today
by Goat Rope February 06, 2011
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