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wen someone does something "smart"
(sarcastic saying)
E.g 1
"yoo son wen she got jumped, she thought she could call the dipset crew after her.."

E.g 2
"wat colour is water?"
"brite...its clear styll."

E.g 3
<if someone gets pushed, the person that got pushed says> "Brite"

there's too many..u get the point
by CLASSiC April 25, 2005
Someone that is half brown and half white. Also a person that is white and acts brown or vice versa.
Person1:Is that kid brown or white??

Person2:Dude he's brite!

Person1:Ohh true.


Peron1:Wow that brown kid acts soo white!

Person2:I know stupid brite kid!
by Liam99 February 15, 2009