a dumb blonde who wishes she was even half as cool as every one in the world, even the homeless people. Has babies with random people and is fat. She then married some guy for like 5 hours then got divorced. She ran away with some paperazzi guy. A totall dumb ass.
wow dude, did you hear that Britany Spears last night? what a loser.
by Corell May 21, 2008
Top Definition
a hoe with a record deal
she's as bad as britany
by carolean November 30, 2004
An incorrect spelling of Britney Spears.
Apparently I don't no mush 'bout nuthin.
by kinsmed July 10, 2004
Contemporary rhyming slang. Often used in a derogatory way to refer to people of a same sex sexual bent. (queers)
mostly shortened to 'Britny'
Used in response when a mate acts in a lame way- 'don't be such a f'kin Britny'
You're a Britny.
He's a Britny.
They're all Britny's.
by Funnily Conical February 01, 2005
1. A spelling of Britney Spears used by people how are either too "grown up" to admit that they actually like her music and in secret listen to it all the time, or
2. used by people who don't want to be associated with her or her so called "music", but still listen to it in secret, or
3. used by people who can't spell but still listen to her music in secret and dream of her all day long.
1. I can't believe young people listen to crap like that Britany Spears (drool).
2. This Britany Spears you're talking about, who is she (more drool)?
3. Britany Spears suck balls! (even more drool)
by wizzard February 01, 2005
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