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cockney rhyming slang for titties
she had a nice pair of bristols
by ben curry September 24, 2003
74 27
English football team supported by wurzels

see also Bristol Rovers
Bristol City play at Ashton Gate stadium
by black flag June 02, 2004
43 21

Bristol cities - titties

see bristols
Nice Bristol City.

Just the one?
by Trevor Totterdown July 11, 2004
33 19
In Cockney slang it means "titties."
A fine pair of bristols (cities)

Some words in cockney slang are fequently abbreviated. A cockney may say "A fine pair of bristols" instead of saying " A fine pair of bristol cities."
by magicianfromriga2 July 21, 2010
22 12
A cockney slang that means "titties."
A fine pair of Bristols (or Bristol Cities)
by magicianfromriga July 21, 2010
18 11
Tities, Bangers, Fun-Bags, Chats, Boobs etc.
Jays, look at the bristol city's on your one in the red, I'd love to give her a sharp dart
by TeamSter June 10, 2005
6 7
Shit`ed. Swindlers. Wanna be Big Club. Morons.
Oh, ignore him. Hes just a Shit`ed!
by Mad Man Moulding September 30, 2003
34 64