A city in the Sunshine State, Queensland. It's an amazing place when half the city isn't underwater.
"Welcome to Brisbane! Capital city of the Sunshine state!"
"Dude, it's flooding"
by breeaadd January 11, 2011
Top Definition
The capital of Queensland, Australia. It's as great as Sydney and Melbourne without the wankers!
Brisbane, beautiful one day, perfect the next!
by Bris girl! May 22, 2004
Probably one of the most improved cities in Australia since it's world-recognised "Country Town" Term used before the 1989 World Expo.
It is now an exciting and interesting place to live in,

As said by Lonely Planet:
"Brisbane has shucked its reputation as a backwater and emerged as one of the country's most progressive centres. It has several interesting districts, a good street cafe scene, a great riverside park, a busy cultural calendar and a thriving nightlife.

Known locally as Bris Vegas, the city is renowned for its sun and the brash, glitzy hordes that follow it, but it's also the arts capital of Queensland, with dozens of theatres, cinemas, concert halls, galleries and museums. A climate this good and culture too? It must be paradise.

It was its role as host to international events in the 80s, including the 1982 Commonwealth Games and Expo 88, that brought Brisbane out of its shell. It's the third-largest city in Australia and is fast becoming one of its most desirable places to live."

Population: 1.6 million
Increasingly becoming "The Place To Be"
by ctsm March 13, 2004
The capital city of Queensland. The best place in the world to live and work.
I was born and bred in Brisbane. It roxs my sox!
by Brissie gal June 29, 2006
The most livable city in the world... Is one of those cities where no matter how long you are there for, whatever the occasion (holidays, stop over, working holiday) or where you are from... it still feels like home!
Brisbane - 'Welcome Home'
by Brissy boy July 31, 2008
The only place to be the capital of 2 different places.

Queensland, and the whole of Asia.
Person 1 (Blindfolded)

Person 2: Happy B'day!


Person 2: No? We're just in Brisbane.
by apersonwoo9 May 28, 2010
Cautious, yet tedious. Mildly spicy. The best time of your tragic life. When the most awesome thing ever happens yet you don't have the mental capacity, vocabulary or energy to describe it...
I was running late to see Insurgent but realized I was actually 20 mins early!! That's SO Brisbane!
by Miss Mary G March 27, 2015
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