A highly overrated British Deathcore band fronted by the arrogant Oli Sykes (best known for his 13 year old girl physique and habit of public urination). The band not only writes uninspired, often comical music, but performs such music poorly live. Never before has such a muddy live sound been combined with such sloppy musicianship.
Me: I just went to the Bring Me The Horizon/August Burns Red Show...

Chauncy: Oh yeah...I heard Bring Me The Horizon sucks live...

Me: They did...they sounded like complete ass....
by Hamdangler June 13, 2011
This band strives around having an image, not actually concentrating on their music at all. They make bland, boring, generic metal, and Oli Sykes triple dubs his vocals and adds a radio affect to them. Their guitars are flat sounding, and so are the drums. Its pretty obvious that the band revolves around Oliver Sykes because scenies think he's "hott." When in reality, he isn't. It's just his scene look that attracts them. You can usually find scene kids obsessing over the band because one of them said they were cool, so just like Hello Kitty, diamonds, and bat's, all the other scene kids think it's cool. And once again it's obvious that it has nothing to do with the music. Its a combination of them being attracted to the vocalist, and because they're scene to like, and scene kids are always looking for scene points.

The band themselves other than musicians have no idea what they're talking about when it comes to music. The most obvious question to ask a band is "who are you influences." BMTH can even answer it because they don't have a clue. The members are all cocky, arrogant, pricks. They're in it for the fashion. Which makes it even more obvious because the band owns their own clothing line, which brings up "maybe they're just doing it to get their name out?" Which they are because it's the most advertised thing on their website. Bottom line, obsess over a band that has talent and deserves the dedicated fan's. Not some piece of shit glamXcore scene band from the UK full of drag queen pricks.
Bring me the horizon is famous because of Oli, and that's it. Notice that no on ever talks about the rest of the band, or their music for the matter.
by bizzletizzle April 12, 2007
A Deathcore quintet from Sheifield England.The band has released a EP and two Studio Albums.Curtis Ward(Rhythm guitarist) left in 2009 and was replaced by IKTPQ's Jonah Weinhofan(weinhofan what is he a fucking nazi?)anyways I got into them through Count Your Blessings their first studio album,i thought it was great,then i got Suicide Season not so great it was ok but eh.Saw them live in march 09 where they put on a good show but it was clear that The lead singer oli sykes was using studio magic for his vocals on the record I still like this band but i have lost alot of respect for them and their nazi guitarist.Also % of their fans are scene girls that stand around at their shows,and would cry listining to bands like Cannibal Corpse,Nile,or Death.
Scene Kid:omgz do you like uh know about Bring Me The Horizon?
Scene Kid:yeah sure what songs do you know,chelsea smile hahah
me:I have all of their stuff including the Bedroom sessions demo
scene kid:yeah well uh im gonna go listen to some of that song For Steveis Diamonds arent forever.....
by SuicideSilenceOwnsBMTH August 23, 2009
A hardcore death metal band from the UK that aren't given enough credit and most scene girls orgasm over because of their lead vocalist and that most kids who like hardcore hate because they are "trendy". They are trendy. But, the people who listen to them because of trends, and the people that like them for music are completely different. The people that like them for the music arent going to obsess over them like the trendy people.
give them a listen and decide for yourself.
Bring me the horizon's pit was crazyyyy as fuckkkkkkkk!
by XbananaX August 21, 2008
A band so good that people talk an awful amount of shit about them just because they don't sound like ''the rolling stones'' or ''slayer'' or any other overrated P.O.S. Bands that these haters listen to...
Fag-''Bring me the horizon sucks''
BMTH Fan-''Go fuck a dog while you listen to your Rolling Stones, Slayer, old person shit!''
by xXMetalcoreFanXx July 23, 2011
A completely shit deathcore band from Britain, who're only famous because their vocalist has scene kid hair. The only person who even remotely has talent is the drummer, who remains unnamed because Oli is a drunk attention whore. Anyone who listens to them should be burned at the stake, along with the mothers of noob tubers and noob tubers.
Person 1: *Having discussion about metal*
So, what bands do you like?

Person 2: I like bands like Cannibal Corpse, Death, Obscura, you know, bands like that


Person 1 and 2 in unison: GTFO niggerfaggot scene kid anyone with a brain knows Bring me the Horizon is complete shit, and Oli is an attention whore, being the only reason they're famous.
by MidgetStomper August 13, 2011
A UK based hardcore band that makes brilliant music that is fresh and innovative, and are excellent live with thier energetic performances and are well known for thier good use of stage props such as fake blood; but are impossible to like due to thier newly aquired fanbase of 14 year old annoying scene kids that dont even listen to the music but idolise the lead singer Oli Sykes.
"Hey man, you still coming to see Bring Me The Horizon at the Central Station tonight?"

"Is there an over-16 age limit to get in?"

"No, dont think so mate"

"Then you can count me the F*CK OUT!"
by bi-curious george August 31, 2008

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