A deathcore band from Sheffield, UK. The band members are Oliver Sykes (Vocals), Lee Malia (Guitar), Curtis Ward (Guitar), Matt Nichols (Drums), Matt Kean (Bass). Their lyrics are amazing (So is their sound) and it's tragic how their "biggest fans" can't even sing a long to their songs. They get shitty reviews and deserve better ones, If you actually listen to their songs properly and their awesome riffs (Especially on the song Black & Blue) then you'll probably realise they're not as crap as people make out.
Girl: Whoa dude have you heard Bring Me The Horizon's new album, Suicide Season?

Boy: Fuck yes, It's their best album yet, If I could only listen to one album for a year, It would totally be Suicide Season.

Nearby listener: FUCK NO. Bring Me The Horizon are just a bunch of pussy ass scene kids, They give metal a bad name with their floppy hair and shit screams.

Boy && Girl: Actually listen to a song properly, Yeah? -Plays 'Black & Blue'-

Nearby listener: Dude, This is actually a sweet song. I'm going to check out their other songs.
by Sazzie =) October 24, 2008
They are an extremely shit deathcore (if not then they're just plain 'core, which still makes them suck) band from teh Brit place. They're a knock-off of every other deathcore band to make music before them. The only talent in the band is their drummer (hope you make it out alive) because blasting is hard for the normal person to do.
They're mostly know more for their image than the actual music which is a MASSIVE stereotype of those in a deathcore band. Around 81% of their fan base is composed of fan-girls who don't listen to the music and more about Oli Sykes, their 'singer'. And no-one know about anyone else in the band. He screams like shit and it will pierce your ear-drums if he ever dares pig squeal. Those poser fake scene sluts call him 'hot', but 92% oof that come from the hair.

Oh and they suck live. OLI USES VOCAL ENHANCERS.
*Two metalheads meet on the street and are start talking*
MH 1: Yeah, so what bands do you like?
MH 2: Oh, I like Death, Morbid Angel. Y'know, old-school death metal.
*16-year-old scene girl comes from nowhere*
MH 1: Fuck off, they're shit.
*Scene chick walks off*
*MH 2: God, I am so pissed off at this madness
MH 1: Let's end it. Tonight.
*Metalheads 1 & 2 find Oli Sykes asleep with his head in a garbage can and a banana peel in his mouth. Metalhead 1 pulls out a hair shaver*
*Four days later, Metalheads 1 & 2 are menacingly watching TV and a news report comes up*
TV Reporter: Today there have been a mass amount of scene kids crying on the streets and killing themselves, saying that their idol "isn't hot anymore".
*Picture of Oli Sykes bald is shown*
Random scene: My life is over. BMTH suck.
*Metalheads around the world rejoice as the last scene kids kills herself*
by Man with a gun March 06, 2009
A great metalcore (formerly deathcore) band from the UK. They get a lot of shit from people who believe rumors and assume things and don't actually listen to the them, when really they're all great guys who make awesome music.
xxMegA_sceNE_qurLxx: oMGGG ollIe sykezz is soooOO hawt!!1

realfan123: Bitch shut up, you're the kind of person that makes Bring Me the Horizon look bad
by bmthfan August 07, 2011
An amazing, unique, young band from the UK. unfortunatley, their fake wannabe scene "fans" who only like bring me the horizon cause of vocalist oliver sykes' hair give all of BMTH's true fans a bad reputation.

their live shows are amazing.

if you think you're a fan, go listen to: Black&Blue, A Lot Like Vegas, Medusa, & Diamonds Aren't Forever. If you don't like them, you clearly don't like BMTH.

haters; unless you've met everyone in BMTH, don't tell the world that theyre assholes. cause your not changing anyones mind.

fangirls; if you cant name 10 bmth songs (not just from suicide season) don't waste us real fans' time.
wannabe: hay omgz u like bring me the horizon rite?!

real fan: um, yeah. whats ur favorite song.

wannabe: *worries* i forget tha namee. but theyre all soOo hawt!

real fan: *kicks the wannabe's ass*
by xdiamondsarentforever June 22, 2009
a band so shitty that they have 4 pages worth of people yelling at you that they don't suck.
guy who doesn't listen to enough metal: bring me the horizon does not suck!

me : more like bring me the ear plugs, they will be forgotten in 3 years.
by i9incher May 05, 2010
The definition of poser rock. Dudes, don't even try to act cool. Just stupid, emo, non-metal ishness. It's sad, really.
Metal Guy 1: BMTH sucks.
Metal Guy 2: True story.
Metal Guy 1:Wanna go listen to Slayer?
Metal Guy 2: Sure.
Metal Guy 1: Yeah, because Bring Me The Horizon is terrible.
by Slatanic Poser Slaughterer July 30, 2010
in my opinion, BMTH is a pretty fuckin sick metalcore band. my favorite song to listen to and bang along to would have to be Diamonds Aren't Forever.

ignorant retards often put this band down because of their image. just like i said in my definition of glam metal, i dont give a shit about a band's image, just the quality of the music itself. metalcore as a whole is pretty freakin cool to listen to- the breakdowns are sick and the riffs are cool. i dont care what oli sykes looks like or how huge his fanbase is or how retarded teenyboppers claim to only like the band solely for him. i just dont care. because image doesnt make good music. youre either a great musician with good looks or youre justin bieber. now you tell me who's better.

now that i think about it, the same is true for, oh say, bret michaels (awesome lead singer of poison- this is coming from a straight 17 year old guy btw) where girls who grew up with poison loved them only for how hot bret michaels was. same could apply for any other hair band.
We will never sleep
'Cause sleeping's for the weak
No, we will never rest
'Till we're all fucking dead!

Bring Me The Horizon rules!!
by shadesgordon February 17, 2011
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