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(verb) the act of smoking pot.
Don't worry,Bill. I'm going to bring the heat tonight.
by tinysinger99 October 18, 2006
7 50
the scholarship program for some true gentlemen in New Haven who bring heat to their schoolwork
-Hey how did your exam go, did you bring the heat?
- Awesome I brought the fucking heat
by Hendy Henderson January 06, 2010
87 22
(verb) The act of adding power to anything. A term typically used in pool. It can be used when a person adds a rediculous amount of force, often more than needed.
You better bring the heat on the fucking eightball.
by Michael l October 25, 2006
35 44
1. (n.) Another name for the flash game 'Curveball'.
2. (v.) To play 'Curveball'.
1. Dude, I got to level 10 on Bring the Heat! He was literally bringin' the heat tenfold!
2. I was bringin' the heat the other day while my roommates were S'in each others D's! Gross!
by Ryan Fitz April 23, 2006
14 52