A scene band described by many mainstream websites, magazines, and reviewers on other media as deathcore. However, they are nothing more than the latest lucky bunch to be picked for extensive coverage, while others of their breed wallow underground (relatively).

Frontman Oli Sykes has recently been in hot bother for allegedly urinating on a female fan after a recent gig. He's the main USP (unique selling point, a business term for the main attraction of a product) of the band, because their fans don't talk about anyone else. Plus, his vocals sound like either a) a cross between Bullet For My Valentine's Matt Tuck and Cradle Of Filth's Dani Filth, or b) a knock-off of Arch Enemy's Angela Gossow. Which, in either case, is bad.

The lyrics are, though not obvious at first, about relationships, thereby placing Bring Me The Horizon in the same league as Bullet For My Valentine and Funeral For A Friend. The band themselves have been tagged to the "emo" movement, and have been critised by professional critics for being predictable and untalented; conversely, they have been popular with stereotypical 14-year-old scene kids who wear size zero jeans and arm socks and flourishing myspace accounts.
You know in some indie music circles like NME where, out of say 25 bands, a random band like The Twang or The Enemy is picked for media exposure and mainstream grooming? Well, the rock magazines like Kerrang! have picked Bring Me The Horizon in a similar fashion, placing Oli Sykes and his Toni&Guy-brand hair on posters and stickers, and overhyping all their releases, whether visual or audio.

Various joke names associated with this lot include "Bring Me The Hairspray", "Bring Me The Hair Extensions" or my invention "Bring Me The Hyperbole", which is inspired by their overexposure to mainstream audiences.
by TxKx August 16, 2007
Top Definition
1. "Bring me that horizon" first it was the last line in Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl; An improv by Johnny Depp

2. A majorly popular band from the UK. They don't suck by the way, I happen to like them, and I'm not even "scene". I don't like them just because a scene kid said they were cool, I like them because I found them on myspace, and really liked their sound. So, if you're hating on BMTH, just shut the hell up and go listen to whatever music you like.
1. Jack Sparrow: Now, bring me that horizon.... and really bad eggs. drink up me hearties, yo-ho!

2. wow, bring me the horizon is fucking mint.
by tara$!@# April 28, 2007
A popular UK Deathcore band from Sheffield, Yorkshire. The band lineup consists of Oliver Sykes (Vocals), Lee Malia and Curtis Ward (Guitars), Matt Keane (Bass) and Matt Nichols (Drums). Their 2005 demo "This Is What The Edge Of Your Seat Was Made For" helped to popularize Extreme Metalcore and Deathcore in the UK. Metal publications have largely praised their technical ability; Metal Hammer magazine claimed that it had "more face-peeling riffs than most bands twice their age". The band has toured extensively, both as support acts and headliners, as well as playing renound UK rock festival Download.

However, as a band who have profited largely from mainstream and modern musical mediums and marketing techniques - the use of social networking sites, coverage from mainstream rock publications - and their contemporary teen look, they often come under fire from heavy metal purists who claim that they're a band liked by those who want to appear more metal than they really are (thus falling under the designation colliquially known as "scene kids"). Despite the band's best efforts, this image has stuck; indeed, their crowds are notorious for a by-and-large absence of moshing, often ignoring frontman Oli Sykes' encouragement to do so. Also, as they play a derivative of metalcore, they're associated with a very elitist sense of having "watered down" standard Death Metal.
Bring me the Horizon Discography as of time of writing:
2005 - This is What the Edge of Your Seat Was Made For
2006 - Count Your Blessings
by Alloflifedecays March 03, 2008
one of the most amazing bands that'll ever reach your ears,
a band given shitty reviews when they deserve better,
and a band labeled to the max by people who should've actually given time to listen to the cd.
bring me the horizon does own your grandma.
don't piss youself now. kthnx.
by sammy____ September 12, 2006
an amazing band.

Bring Me The Horizon are fast looking like one of the best hopes for the country's underground - playing extreme metalcore that's tighter then the average schoolgirl they back it up with lashings of style; from their bohemian glamcore image to their intense and energetic live-shows they play the part of the effete fashioncore elite and back it up with the kind of music that conspires to turn your hair grey and your blood to ice.
bring me the horizon owns your grandma =o
by josh_loves_you1 December 22, 2005
A metalcore band from Sheffield, United Kingdom. They formed in 2004, and have released two albums, a remix album, an EP, and are working on a new album now (2010).


-This Is What The Edge Of Your Seat Was Made For EP
-Count Your Blessings
-Suicide Season
-Suicide Season Cut Up

The band consists of:

Oliver Sykes - Vocals
Lee Malia - Guitar
Matt Kean - Bass
Matt Nicholls - Drums
Jona Weinhofen - Guitar

Ex-members: Curtis Ward (guitar)

IMO, BMTH are a band that have progressed with time, and are now pretty good, that is if half the population who have heard the name tried listening to their actual songs and didn't troll or argue that they're shit. You're allowed your opinion, fine, but at least support it.

Pathetic little people such as scene girls need to confess their "love" for the band (primarily Oli), just so they can say it's true. Most of that fucking crowd don't like the band for their music, just their vocalist, which is shame.
Example 1:

Scene Girl:

lyk 0mfg Oli is soooo hawt! I "less than three" him! Bring Me The Horizon r liek the best band evar! For teh win!" (and various other internet speech purposely worded wrongly.)

Real BMTH fan who sees the band for the talent: Shut the fuck up you vacous whore. *Shoots scene girl*
by Conor234 May 27, 2010
A great band that's often misunderstood. Okay, it's obvious & very easy to see that there IS a huge fan base of Oli groupies. And yes, it does get annoying and pathetic. However, you can't hate on a band just because of some of their fans? They don't get enough credit for their talents because screaming groupies distract from their music. Now if you set the girls aside and take the time to actually listen to their music, you'll be able to understand why their TRUE fans love them as much as they do.
BMTH has a rawness that a lot of these newer main-stream bands don't. They're uncensored and speak their minds. You have to admit, it's pretty admirable to not give a fuck what the music industry wants to mold you into. They're unique. And that's hard to come across these days. So haters need to re-evaluate their opinions.
Bring Me the Horizon is the shit.
Oh and they're wicked sick live!
"Dude, Bring Me the Horizon was fucking sweet last night!"
by xSkyBlueSmilex April 23, 2010
an awesome band who has alot of fans that only like them for the lead singer oli sykes.
check their myspace or a fansite, most of the comments will probably be about oli and his hair.bring me the horizon.
by cheeznipzryummy April 16, 2008
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