A Brimjob is like this
In front you have a male bent over on all fours

In the middle you have Jeffery Brimmer giving the first guy a rimjob
and behind Brimmer is a man brutally destroying Brimmers butthole

like one big gay sexy human centipede
Hey Brimjob!
by McChicken in my bunghole September 20, 2011
Top Definition
An accidental situation in which the tongue of one completely heterosexual male encounters directly and/or indirectly with an anus of another completely heterosexual male. Drinking heavily may increase the odds that this freak occurrence may take place. A derivative of the word brojob, this is also an action associated with all male activities to include feats of strength, masculinity, intelligence, and male dominance.
Dan: Chris,... dude, look up the definition of brimjob,... heterosexual males...we're in the clear.

Chris: Oh, dodged that bullet, we're good. But what if I liked it?...
by P4PerTh1N, StrahbrryShake December 08, 2008
The act of orally stimulating the external anal sphincter to cause sexual arousal after the recipient has had explosive diarrhea resulting in a satanic-like burning sensation that feels like the brimstone of hell.
Jessica: "David was eating my pussy and decided to pay attention to my backdoor"
Mary: "Soooo hot! I love that"
Jessica: "...except my asshole was burning like the brimstone of hell due to a recent bout of diarrhea and public washroom toilet paper"
Mary "Ohhhh... ouch... a rimjob from hell... a brimjob!"
Jessica: "Precisely, a brimjob... pleasure and pain combined in a way I've never felt it before"
by brentionary September 06, 2013
n. the act of filling oneself to the "brim" with delicious foods.
ex. "Dude I just got the best brimjob from that $5 Hardees bag lunch"
by brimjob69 November 19, 2013
noun - licking the cum of out somebodys asshole after an anal creampie.
After I got off in her ass, I offered to clean it up with a brimjob.
by roastedwithseasalt May 15, 2011
Getting a rim job, but without anal penetration...

Getting your asshole licked, only along the outter ring of the sphinct hole, or "brim" if you will.

The art of licking the outer edge of someones balloon knot.
Sally: "what do you mean you dont like rimjobs?"
Jason: "I guess I just dont want your tongue in my asshole"
Sally: "OK how about a brimjob then?"
Jason: "Mmmmm, Yessiiir!"
by JustinH October 26, 2007
Sipping an overfilled coffee in order to move the cup. Often done in short, painful sips due to the coffee being hotter than lava.
"The guy at Starbucks overfilled my Grande, had to give it a brimjob to get to my table."
by bluegrassg8r January 29, 2016
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