An amazing band of which only a very few truly appreciate.
to really appreciate the music of Bright Eyes you have to feel like when the words are being sung you could've wrote them yourself.
there is no truth, there is only you and what you make the truth.-bright eyes
by brizutus June 19, 2007
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Bright Eyes is a paradox At the same time you think he’s painting a dark world with no hope and, no purpose he cracks the door to understanding letting sunlight shine through. Showing you that its not really the world that is bad, its what you felt had value in that world that was the darkness, but what truly matters is not only beautiful and bright but greater than you could imagine. Wrapping tales of love and loss intertwining them with biblical references, metaphors, and almost every other writing technique available at his disposal.

Listening to bright eyes is like an inside joke its not a matter of that most people couldn’t get the message, its that he keeps his message concealed, so that only those willing to open their eyes and minds will have the joy to laugh with him. With a kind of wink to his intended audience he’s Creating emotion and insight into our own reality with every word he writes, it’s a poetic triumph of humanity, poetry being the natural progression of humanity.

I study every word he utters hoping that it will give me just one more insight into his brilliance, He takes you through the pages of a long ago written story book, turning each page with care being careful to not bend fragile a page. It reads Like a mix of a text book and a sonnet. The true greatness is not what that story says but what it inspires, it leaves words unsaid allowing free thinking, reevaluation, and rebirth. Not only is this story taking you through your own transformation but the story itself is one of Conors own coming to terms with disdain for his life.

He wraps you up in a warm cocoon of a blanket with his grainy, abrasive, yet warm vocals. He creates a sense of comfort just so he can tear that away from you very metaphoric as well, for how he views life and wants you to view it. He makes you question all of your preconceptions about the world around you and how you interact with it. He doesn’t reject the existence of God but questions it, not giving you the answers making you yourself come to your conclusions about what you truly believe.

How Conor makes you feel is impossible to put into one feeling or emotion he forces you to experience everything with him, he uses imagery to an extreme as in the case of Fevers and Mirrors, fevers being symbolic for whatever ails you or oppresses you, the mirror self examination or reflection in whatever form. Scales being symbolic for are attempt to solve our problems quantitatively. It would seem a collage of senselessness, but becomes clearer and clearer as your let in on the joke.

The feelings that he evokes aren’t those of just some angst rocker whose mad at the world or his parents, He is a well spoken brilliant writer who uses the same style as past poets, questioning his surroundings not only to learn more about them, but more about himself because just like a newborn we still learn the most about ourselves when were examining the world around us.
"Bright Eyes Is brilliant"
by Jon Mykel October 14, 2005
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defines the meaning of the word indie
by june August 25, 2003
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A fantastic band fronted by Conor Oberst. A combination of country, folk, and indie. Not emo.
Silly Muffin: Bright Eyes is so emo it hurts.
Studly Muffin: Nay, imbecile.
by The Muffin January 14, 2006
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Pure sex in the form of a musician from Nebraska (who the hell lives in Nebraska?)

by Um, what? December 12, 2004
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A wonderful band.

Emos and indie kids will one day fight to the death over if they're indie-er or emo-er.
Emo Kid 1: I love Bright Eyes. Conor expresses my pain so well.
Indie Kid 1: Uh, no. Get your emo hands away from that Bright Eyes record.
Emo Kid 1: *starts to cry and calls over his emo backup*
Indie Kid 1: (sarcastically) Aw, emo kid is crying. *Calls his indie backup*
*they start to fight*
Hippie: Let's not let our hatred for each other ruin -
Emos and Indie Kids: Shut up!
* they go back to fighting*

(just for the record, the emo kids are defeated by the indie kids. big time.)
by axel :) April 10, 2008
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A rather naff ballad sung but Art Garfunkle and featured in the film 'Watership Down'.
"Bright eyyyyyesss
burninnnnng li-ike fiiiire...."
by black flag June 06, 2004
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