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really short undergarnment mostly worn by men. only real con with briefs is the fact that most people find them dorky and stuff. i only wear boxers for the sake of not looking bad. but briefs are very comfortable and good. if only people would grow the F up, briefs would definetly be popular again like they once were. comfortable fitting and sometimes erotic. briefs are defenitly a good choice if your not ashamed of them
nicknames are tighty whities, man panties
underwear of any sort is embarassing but people need to grow up when it comes to briefs
by highschoooler January 11, 2012
a type of underwear that is good for:
*hiding boners


and is bad for:
*embarrassing yourself
yesterday I saw a pretty girl.I was wearing Briefs so no-one saw my boner.
Today I had PE. I Was Wearing briefs so I got a huge wedgie. it hurt.
by the lonely assassin September 06, 2011
A lawyer, (who'll come with a briefcase)
I want to see a frigging brief!
Iain Mcdowall, Perfectly Dead
by No7 November 16, 2006
Something that is cool, awesome, dope etc.
shit was so brief
by swagcocopuff November 20, 2013
lasting or taking a short time; of short duration

in school work something that is NOT 3-4 paragraphs long!!
cathryn set a history assignment where you have to write something brief aka NOT 3-4 fucking paragraphs long!!
a match ticket for the football
'alright dave, you got a brief for the cup final?'

'yes mate, got two spares infact'
by mactable February 17, 2009
Something/someone really tight/hot
YO, right BRIEF.

damn, that brief is reaaaal brief.

shiiiit, that party was briieeeeef.
by quick snaps April 22, 2006