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In agreement with the first poster to this term, bricking is commonly used in the electronics industry by software developers when updating a piece of hardware with a software update that renders the hardware useless after the update.
Examples of bricking:

I just updated the set top box and I bricked it.

I just got my itouch/iphone can't wait to jailbreak it. (a few hours later) "Oh Sh*t I just bricked it!"
by ricbax May 17, 2009
When Apple makes your iphone useless by "updating" it
Moreover, said the suit, Apple violated consumers' rights by "bricking" unlocked iPhones with the 1.1.1 update it issued a week and a half ago.
by Bissellator October 08, 2007
1. V. Rendering a piece of technology unfunctional, in all practicality making it useless, as in a brick

2. V. Representing an object or form using LEGO (or generic) bricks
I'd like to jailbreak my iPhone, but I'm afraid of accidentally bricking it - I can't be without a working iPhone.

My bedroom floor will be covered in LEGO bricks until I finish bricking myself a LEGO model of that wonderful building I saw today.
by addnoobwords January 21, 2009
Bricking is a term used when someone does not respond to anything you say or do, they turn into a brick.
Bricking is when you send someone multiple messages and they don't reply, they turn into a brick.
by jeff451 September 07, 2014
the process of putting up walls to avoid emotional interaction with others who tend to perturb.
that girl is bricking me because i make her feel uncomfortable

I'm bricking that bitch because i have no interest in absorbing any information shes disclosing

that black guy is bricking me because i just said something explicitly racist.
by Tredna flowershit February 29, 2012
the placement of mental bricks around an individual with whom the bricker does not want sexual contact.
i just bricked that bitch who was trying to suck my d.

that whore is bricking me because she found out that I dont have any money.
by TREDNA February 29, 2012
takeing a huge dump in someone's house that isn't yours
where's john?
he is fuckin' bricking right now, that bastard can't hold it in
by angel face August 26, 2004
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