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When you cum in a persons mouth.
from scene in Clerks II. when Randal and a lord of the rings movie fanatic discuss the horrible LOTR movies.

Randal - And what's with that gay fucking look, I thought Sam was going to saunter over Froto and suck his fucking cock. Now that would have been an Academy Award worthy ending.

LOTR Fan - Hey faggot, Sam and Froto aren't gay! They're hobbits!

Randal - And then after the Froto and Sam suckfest, just before the credits roll, Sam straight up fucking bricks in Froto's mouth.
by Strik9 December 04, 2007
30 64
a cigarette
Fuck bricks!
by killposersericmelvin February 28, 2004
4 53
A changed state of being
"I was tired so I hit bricks" (went to sleep)
"I had a virus so my computer hit bricks" (crashed, died)
"Just hit bricks dude no one likes you" (leave)
by broy December 28, 2005
12 73
how much records u sold. reference in millions or thousands
damn duke you done sold 8 million bricks man?!
by gmandynasty November 08, 2005
8 93
Short for "dumb as bricks." Used to describe someone who just doesn't get it.
Kelly: "You were kissing her! I saw you!"
Billy: "I wasn't kissing her, Kelly, I was just licking the inside of her mouth!"
Kelly: "... Oh."
Billy (quietly): "Bricks."
by yayyyyy November 01, 2003
12 97