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A fully erect, hard penis. An erection.
"That bitch got me 'brick'.
by Playa November 24, 2002
a preconceived mental bias or assumption
You can't talk to him about the war: he's got a brick in his head about it.
by 0jp November 29, 2005
1. A slang name for something that comes out ya butt
2. An insult
3. A powerful chemical weapon that when detonated, smells.
4. A blantatn rip-off of a decent thing. | L@@k BEL@W |
George: Yesterday I went to town and bought a sick phone!
Daniel: What model is it?
George: Oh, I don't really know. I only got it yesterday.
Daniel: Lets have a look then.
George: (Gets out of pocket) Here you go.
Daniel: By gad George! Why, that phone sucks bad! That is so brick-like.
George: I thought it looked retro.
by The Forgotten March 17, 2005
term used to disrespect Gangster Disciples
GDK all day...fuck a puss' ass brick!
by SumboidyUknO September 30, 2004
Verb - Wrecking an amusing moment by saying something that the other parties do not consider funny or by continuing a joke to the point of getting tiresome and embarrassing. Then, a person will proclaim "Brick". Past tense - "bricked"
"Why does Joel always brick it?"
by 123 Records February 21, 2006
all round bad bastard.
Mick 'the brick' Mc Gurk
by donn November 28, 2003
To violently hurt somebody or break something
1. We gonna brick those kids that jacked us.
2. Lets brick that fool's windshield.
by DaveNutz August 22, 2003