Adjective used to describe when it is very cold out.
Yo its brick!
Imma swipe this cat's north face, so brick out!
by slut December 09, 2002
Another word for an awesome flannel one is wearing at the time.
(Points to flannel shirt) Nice bricks man!
by Flannelman March 24, 2009
a mans penis
I was hanging with this chick and she was all up on my Brick
by ahsthechosen1 July 30, 2008
A person who feels lost. No way to get out of the situation they are in. Desperate, lost in general hopeless.
Ben Folds Five's song Brick "She's a brick and I'm drowning slowly
off the coast and I'm headed nowhere
She's a brick and I'm drowning slowly"
by notthatgirl** May 15, 2007
often used as a term to offend another gang but there own
Nigga u a brick, or brick ass nigga
by prime suspect November 25, 2006
prison term for out of prison, "hitting da brick" means to get out of prison
When i hit da brick im gonna get drunk.
by Danny Occh February 11, 2005
A kilogran of cocaine.

"Man I have to push this ki of blow and quick, i need to get the cream."
"I got a hundred bricks, fourteen-five a piece
Enough to cop a six buy the house on the beach
Supply the peeps with jeeps, brick apiece, capiche?"
by chris November 20, 2004

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