the opposite of gem. something that sucks or is horrible. Bad.
-Dont be such a brick!
-Benzie is an absolute brick.
by noodles May 26, 2004
A brazilian person mimicking the behavior of a black ghetto person. Such as clothing,talk,walk etc.
"Pedro is the biggest brick I have ever seen."
by god123 November 23, 2003
slang term used for cold.
Make sure you put on a coat, because it's brick outside.
by Sobeida October 11, 2005
What during the 1960's to 1990's Volvo used as bodystyle.
dude, Crispy's car is total fucking Brick, looks like it, handles like it, accelerates like it, colored like it, and has the same structural integrity as it.
by Crispulus October 14, 2003
Adjective used to describe when it is very cold out.
Yo its brick!
Imma swipe this cat's north face, so brick out!
by slut December 09, 2002
Another word for an awesome flannel one is wearing at the time.
(Points to flannel shirt) Nice bricks man!
by Flannelman March 24, 2009
a mans penis
I was hanging with this chick and she was all up on my Brick
by ahsthechosen1 July 30, 2008
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