A giant turd, to lay a brick
I just dropped a brick
by lumpkin face April 10, 2006
Its brick as hell out here today!
by ATLknighthawk January 03, 2011
One of the female gender who is neither bro, nor chick. She is a hybrid; her name is, "Brick".
Dude, you see that chick dominating beer pong over there?

Yeah, that chick is a brick.
by Sgtbrach December 21, 2010
To be stoned
Remember that time we went to her place and we used that bong? - Ahaha, yeah. We were more brick than anything else
by Lexirer October 05, 2010
A solid form that is usually used to build houses.
A brick is a solid form that is usually used to build houses!
by Jemster23 August 31, 2010
To render an electronic device unusable through a software hack (usualy by accedent or through update from manufacture)
Oh no! I bricked my iPhone!
by Aerossi April 21, 2010
Internet slang for:
1. Crash of a computer
2. To be given a blowjob

These terms became popular after sxephil's 4.30.09 video.
"Oh, man, my computer bricked!"
"He sent me a link of this girl being bricked in the mouth!"
by he's not sexy April 30, 2009
to cum. especially when talking about ejaculating in her mouth.
she told me to brick in her mouth and all over her face!
by mouth bricker April 15, 2009

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