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A giant turd, to lay a brick
I just dropped a brick
by lumpkin face April 10, 2006
slang term for erection
that girl gave me brick!
by kage712 June 12, 2010
(noun) an individual with little to no personality or conversational skills. A brick is most present during a first date where introductory conversation skills are most necessary and their date will be left wishing they had brought an actual brick to dinner instead of the person sitting across from them because the brick would be less awkward to sit next to for the next hour.
God, I had another date with a brick last night!
by madd0g April 19, 2010
Derogatory term used for women who are not intelligent and viewed as being dumb as a brick.
Female Student: Albert Enstein was our third president.

Another Student: Shut up, Brick!
by Viper6824 July 24, 2009
cold, chilly
its mad brick outside
by **~MALIKA~** March 20, 2003
Legend, someone who squats reps of 650lbs with ease. A good looking proud American with an amazing neck beard. Some say he has never missed a shot in basketball and was the 2001 NBA dunk contest champion.
Brick, Legend, Merica, NBA
by BrickSquad6531 May 28, 2014
the bricks is a way to describe a distance a person must go or ones struggle ex:
"that's a brick and a half" or " its a brick and Four quarters away" and for long distances " that was four bricks" or " that was a couple bricks"
by blue97 May 14, 2014
A good guy. Really smart in EVERYTHING but lacks in being smooooooth with them females. Too scared to make the first move. Females often become frustrated while trying to teach them not to be such bricks because they NEVER change. Why man whyyyyyyyy :0
Nice guys finish last.

I spy ____ on his first date.... What the.. Is he making her pay? What a brick!!
by Schemer69698 April 03, 2014