A giant turd, to lay a brick
I just dropped a brick
by lumpkin face April 10, 2006
a 30 rack of beer
Do you want to split a brick tonight?
by LAU izzle July 17, 2008
A pound of marijuana (or kilo of cocaine or heroin) that is compacted into a cube, thus resembling a brick. This is a process that is usually done for the purpose of shipping and/or smuggling the substance.
see: Numerous Hip-Hop lyrics pertaining to "bricks" e.g. "Bricks on consignment", "I move mad bricks in the hood/on the block", "Chopping up bricks", "Cooking bricks".
by Willie Hellenbach (A.S.) March 17, 2007
As good as it gets, nothing better.
That party last night was brick! Awesome!
by FBGSRC November 27, 2013
A term used to describe an unfortunate looking drag queen. Most queens strive to have a great illusion of the female form and beauty. A Brick is a drag queen thats just the opposite hard, rough, not convincing at all.
"Hey look at those queens that just walked in, BRICKS all of them!"
by Brickzilla February 11, 2010
The extreme version of the game of spoons. Usually only played once.
Guy 1: wanna play spoons? Im bored .

Guy 2: fuck that, lets make it count. Lets play brick, go big or go home.
by SometimesWhenImAlone July 17, 2011
Very Cold
"It's so brick, it's wall."
by Occultaura January 15, 2010
To be a brick- To have the personality of an inanimate object, in this case a brick. A brick will add boring tit bits to a conversation and generally ramble on boring topics at great lengths of time to a large audience,causing them to leave or find other people to talk to. The brick must be avoided at all costs or silenced.
Tyler Perry: Man, Christine Aguilera just won't shut up about her neon nails. Its so boring.

Zain Malik: I know right, she's such a brick. No one gives a fuck yet she continues. Ffs.

Tyler Perry- she bricked the convo.
by Fvckutue December 05, 2014

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