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A unique street in London at the heart of the UK's Bengali community. One half of the street is soaked in the neon-signs of 50 wall-to-wall curry restaurants. The other half of the street was, however, over-taken by cool new media types who converged in the Old Truman Brewery, on top of the infamous Vibe Bar, in the late 1990s. These new media types brought with them upper-Middle Class culture and turned the area into a laughing stock of post-modern pseudo-intellectual 'look at how hip we are, converging modern digital media and arts with all these ethnic types who stare at us like we're some alien species' environment. (See also, Shoreditch twat).
He's a Shoreditch twat who hangs out on Brick Lane.
by Twiki-wiki-piki February 26, 2005
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