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1)The water tower at Eastern Michigan University. 2) The main navigation symbol for all people who have ever atteneded or been to Eastern Michigan Univerity in Ypsilanti, Michigan.
Did you here about the Brick Dick? It sprang a leak the other day and made a HUGE mess!!
by Hot Dog in the Hallway November 12, 2006
77 20
Slang for the "Mechanical Engineering Engineering Mechanics" (MEEM) building at Michigan Technological University.
I have to get to the brick dick for class.
by Ryan March 13, 2004
51 39
The Ypsilanti, MI water tower, considered one of the largest phallic symbols in history. Also see Aquacock.
I live on Cross Street, one block up from the Brickdick.
by SpareParts October 08, 2007
12 1
An erection lasting longer than 5 hours.
"Hey honey, I was reading the side effects on the Viagra bottle again, and I'm pretty sure I've got brickdick."

"Dave, why do you have a bulge right now in 20 degree weather?"
"Well Joe, I was getting an Alaskan Pipeline last night, and I've had brickdick ever since.
by Jesus Christ/ Buddy Holly/ Tit November 17, 2008
6 1
Used in New York as slang for cold as hell
Its brick dick outside
by MszBrooklynNY January 27, 2014
3 0
Brick-Dick is another word for the Library at the University of Massachusetts-Amherst. The 28 story library is known as the tallest library in the world.
Heading to the Brick-Dick. Gotta get studying for that orgo exam.
by studioso March 26, 2010
0 1
marijuana that is bricky or lacks fluff. Usually comes from Mexico in a brick, thus the name.
Damn dude, this is straight brick dick!
by randy lee April 30, 2007
4 23