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1.A form of dance.

2.Getting "Crunk".

3.Thizz dancing

4.dance for a brick of drugs
"Ghost ride da whip,
Brick dancin on da hood"

"You want this weed? you have to do the brick dance for it."
by Big lil bro November 14, 2007
a sexy or alluring dance performed to acquire a large supply of drugs, esp. marijuana or heroin, usually (preferably) by a female.
You want this horse, you gotta do a brick dance. See Weeds (TV show).
by ScottTheTard November 09, 2007
a dance you have to do to please the gods of the columbian dancing dust. Dealers will usually ask u to perform a brick dance for them before they give you your brick.
Nancy, did a nice brick dance on the pool table. give her the mota.
by sgtpepperaut November 18, 2007