An insult used to define the action of telling a boring, pointless story or repeating the same thing over and over.
Most commonly used in crack dens and ghettos.
'that was such a brew'.
by Man in the Van March 03, 2011
Top Definition
a guy who gets drunk and party's naked, or a guy who likes to rock out with his cock out
did you see that crazy brewer last night? or did you here about brewer at the party
by classified wilson July 05, 2006
a bisexual mountain goat with a 12" cock
Hurry the fuck up that brewer is commin
by classified wilson July 05, 2006
Wisconsin's baseball team. They may not win all the time, but they are still awesome. Seeing as how I am from Wisconsin, the Brewers are obviously my favorite team.
Me: "Man, the Brewers PWNED Pittsburg tonight (7/24) with a score of 12-8."
by Siril Frein July 24, 2006
A brewer- an afro supporting sword loving beast, with an obsessive habit for playing on the xbox and pc. The brewer is a mainly loveable creature. however if crossed the brewer can turn into a vile predator that chases you round the whole field until you say sorry.
*you'll not survive a run in with a brewer... until you say sorry*
by dale_the_mexican May 09, 2007
A person who makes booze
did you get the homebrew from that brewer?
by jim_666 September 17, 2010
Girl with low self esteem who loves to suck, fuck, blow, and swallow.
Dude: I picked up this girl on the side of the road
Bro: And then..
Dude: She brewered the shit out of me
Bro: W/e man, wheres my car?
by Sir Jit Alot August 19, 2013
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