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a term used to describe the feet of a person that are particularly off-putting or abnormal. While most feet are not attractive, brewer feet are overly unsettling. Brewer feet may be smelly, dirty, or have some sort of disfigurement to the toes. There may also be bunions or misshaped toenails. There is generally some quality about the described appendages that makes them overtly disgusting. Most people with brewer feet favor wearing close-toed shoes in order to keep them under wraps. Flip-flops are not meant to be worn by people with brewer feet.
The nail technician winced when she saw the client scheduled for a pedicure took off her socks and revealed a set of brewer feet.

Laurel knew she had brewer feet and wisely chose a closed-toed pair of pumps for the party instead of strappy sandals.

After dropping a box on his foot while moving, the broken toenail and bruised toes gave John serious brewer feet.

The girl avoided shoe shopping because she was self conscious of her brewer feet.
by knowledgefairy December 08, 2010
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