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A brett is one who enjoys the delicacies in life. A Brett Sura is best described by a 200 -220 pound invivdual who prefers to drive european cars with high safety ratings. A brett sura does not take workouts lightly. A brett sura will bench press everyday with the mindset of hitting weight limits that normal people cannot fathom. A brett sura enjoys large breakfast items and no drama girls. A brett sura will be at the weight room on time and will not weakness in his ankles. A brett sura can use fiberglass to fix almost any cars frame. A brett sura weighs two times that of a chris marek.
Im going to brett sura 225 pounds nine times today. I think im going to ihop to enjoy a brett sura breakfast. The new audi has a brett sura type rating.
by dre loqo November 03, 2011
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