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Substitutable for "dude" or "bro."
Used most often in Central Florida
"Hey, you hit that shit, bress?"
"Nah, Bress, not yet."
by Bongalai Je January 07, 2007
used in Florida, A LOT.
just another word for "dawq" or "dude"
if you get called this, don't be offended, unless their not acting nice or their not your biggest fans.
"yo bress, did you get my text message yesterday"
"yeah dawg, i couldn't reply back though"
by freisyispurple January 16, 2010
Meaning bro/homie, used in the south by teenagers and college students exposed to large amount of lead as babies
Dbag1: Hows it hanging bress?

Dbag2: Pretty good bress, wanna go to Bret's house and smack our faces into some bricks?

Dbag1: totally
by #1homie May 17, 2008
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