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Word combination of "brown" and "frere".
Josh is my best friend. He's my brere from a different mere!

Translation: Brother From Another Mother
by mcfatty April 26, 2012
7 0
a person
whoz that dum ginger brere over ther....(it ryhmes aswel ;))
by jag April 25, 2004
19 8
not own bredrin.
there was one brere who Shantae introduced me to.
by BabyGal October 04, 2003
15 7
brere/ breres = people
there will be bare breres at that barmy
by C'apn Nise March 15, 2004
18 11
From Brere Peter. Meaning, Brother Peter. Used to define an individual of the same race as oneself.
Hey look, there is that brere Mehul
by Triple A March 12, 2005
3 13