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Brekie is Breakfast in Australian. It is spelled Brekkie, or Breakie in Australia. This is more correct as per the pronunciation.
Menus advertising Brekie (Brekkie as it is spelled in Australia) are commonly seen outside cafés open all day, and people eat breakfast from nine to five, as it is the cheapest way of eating a large meal providing nutrition for the whole day. There are various types of Brekkies available, from basic: egg, tomato and toast, to the big Brekkie: Bacon, sausages, two eggs, tomatos, mushrooms and sometimes a fresh orange juice and coffee is included in the price.
by Dr Hilary Rhodes March 24, 2007
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A meal early in the day, breakfast. It orginated from Lizzy wasn't quiet awake and said brekie instead of breakfast, brekie was born.
"Oy, mum!...What's for brekie?"

"Toast, dear."
by Lizzy January 15, 2005
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