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A female human being. A breezie is a woman that can breeze in and out of a man's life without distress.
At a party, "Where are all the breezies? This party is a sausage fest!"
by Paul Erickson November 28, 2005
An attractive female.
Dude, check out the ass on that breezie.
by Emily July 29, 2003
A female who you call if you need to get some. Usually the call takes place late at night. Sometimes the female is fat and ugly or an attractive female. A breezie is just a hook-up buddy, never anything serious.
"Are you and that chick dating?"
"Nah, shes just a breezie"
by Ginger Charlie August 13, 2009
A strong , beautiful girl who doesn't need a immature little boy in her life. Someone who can get through anything no matter what the situation . Someone who is going to find a guy that actually deserves her , unlike the douches in the past. Someone who is surrounded by friends who love her . Someone who knows how to have fun . And is kickass at beer pong and keg stands !
by ED09 April 28, 2011
A girl who is just a hook up buddy

Antonym: wifey
-so are u gonna marry that girl?
-naw, shes just a breezie
by rubin January 16, 2005
A breezie is an unintelligent female, commonly blonde and caucasian, fond of:
-applying way too much makeup
-sweatpants with adjectives written across the butt
-chewing gum
-ending sentences which are not questions with rising inflections
-volkswagon jettas
-giving oral sex to bros
-cosmopolitans and/or cheap beer
-louis vitton purses

Breezies can be found most frequently at hiphop dance clubs, the mall, Starbucks, and in the backseats of Volkswagon Jettas.
At first, I thought that girl he went out with might actually be pretty cool, but it turned out she was a total breezie.
by Ms. Vaudeville February 03, 2005
Beautiful hookup buddy.


Ugly fat hookup buddy

(Depending on how you use it)
Yo i wana talk to tha breezie

Yo i juss wana get sum, so i choose tha breezie
(fat ugly)
by Papi kid September 12, 2006