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an annoying, useless cunt whose only purpose in life is to pump out more annoying, useless children.
Jill has three annoying, piece-of-shit children whose skulls I'd love to stomp on until their brain matter makes the pavement slippery. I fucking hate breeder moms.
by RedFlackal December 12, 2006
A woman who's given birth to a large quantity of children which resembles a litter. The children can be born either as multiple births or spread apart. Somestimes a multiple birth on top of already having 1 or more children previously.
"This breeder mom gave birth to octuplets and she already has two kids at home."

Woman: "This breeder mom in Arkansas just gave birth to her 23rd child."
Man: "What is she trying to do, be her own puppymill?"
by Anton Gorodetsky December 23, 2010
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