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One that breathes heavily. Breathers are common on x-box live due to the close proximity of the headset to the mouth.

That kid needs to turn off his headset because he is breathing into it really loud. fuckin' breather.
by Stash Master February 19, 2007
A break. Usually used in the context of "to take a".
It's hard work... you'll want to take a breather every few hours.
by 555-5555 November 05, 2006
brother or bro when reffering to a friend. Mostly used in new zealand by boys. In replacement of 'BRO'
Ezra: we got a game on wednesday gee
Keanu: churr breather ;)
by mother of god ;) September 02, 2012
A person who makes no earthly contribution to life. They stand, sit or lay around doing nothing except putting down others that have done something in life. They take up too much oxygen breathing my air.
Man, Rick talks about everybody and has not done anything in life worth a hill a beans - he is such a breather.
by Kathylu May 26, 2010
Guys that are looking for a fight
It sucked at the club last night, nothing but a bunch of breathers looking to start some static.
by Schmoog October 02, 2007
The act removing one's pants (or watching others remove pants) in a strip club, bar, Chase Park Plaza lobby, or other public setting. Technical term appropriately applied to Lt. Governors of Midwestern States.
Pete decided he needed to take a breather at Verlin's after his fundraising calls went poorly that day.

see KMOX nes August 26, 2011
by humphrey smith August 26, 2011
An unusually large bowel movement; so large part of it extends beyond the surface of water in the toilet bowl. Feces in this situation is said to be "breathing" or a "breather" as it appears to be coming up for air.
"I ate a bowl of Kashi last night and just dropped a huge breather."
by AaronLPeterson January 23, 2009