slang used by sws instead of beast... sounds better
holy shit that was breast!
by greg November 10, 2004
Something, along with pussy, that makes women tolerable.
Paul was looking at Jennys face, then realised the mammory glands below were a much better option, as they didnt talk shit.
by February 23, 2005
A term of endearment/affection commonly used within the Southwest Philadelphia area amoung young adult males (ages 18-35.
What's up Breast?
Nothing Breast.
Yo Breast, grab me a stog and the lighter.
by Kelldog June 17, 2004
The large, soft, fluffy feathers found inside the foot of an egg.
These breasts are great when cooked.
by Jason A February 18, 2003
Great punching bags, if of adequate size
"Damn thoses breasts are so big that if I punched them I would knock her out!"
#tits #breasts #tities #boobs #hooters
by Ishboo June 28, 2006
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