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A chew toy for men as opposed to dogs....unless you're into that sort of thing.
Man: Lemme suck ur titty.
Woman: Okay fine. *To Dog* Move over Fido.
by hottiemonster July 18, 2005
"Look at the knockers on that Chick!"
by Jimbo Bear January 15, 2003
Booobz (booobz),Lactation Station (Hooterz),Got MiLk (Breast feed Me),SnowbaLLs (Hooetrz 2die4)
Love them Honkerz and wouLd do anything to breast feed for 17 years.
by Moi December 01, 2004
Women secret organ. Some peoples call them "Tomato" that is why they like to eat tomato soup while looking at them in the lunch hour. In the language Urdu peoples call them "Mummay."...Some husbands likes to put their wives breast milk if there is no milk in the house someday....For those ladies who like to show their titis men love to stop walking and watch the bounce of the breast while the ladies walk away.
Got Milk!
by Anonymous August 09, 2003
slang used by sws instead of beast... sounds better
holy shit that was breast!
by greg November 10, 2004
Something, along with pussy, that makes women tolerable.
Paul was looking at Jennys face, then realised the mammory glands below were a much better option, as they didnt talk shit.
by www.apauling.co.uk February 23, 2005