a greeting mainly for southern men
wat up breast i anit see u in a long time.
by king dingo ling June 03, 2011
soft tits/ breasts that will be great to suck on (if your a guy) and they are a gift from God have a nice time giving the girlie a cum bath on her delicious areola and nipples
Hey Crissie... come over here and let me suck your breasts. (she goes over) i puled my dick out and gave her a nice cum bath then we got into the shower and she gave me head
by penguinlover101 January 09, 2008
Also known as the pectoral nutsacs and breasticles, these are the first things a man notices on a woman..but don't worry...we're checking out your crotch. Men also have breasticles...but these are called a bad case of gynochlyomastia or man boobs! EYES UP HERE BITCHES!!!
Dude, check out my ex-boyfriend's breasts

Damn these breasts are saggy!

by SBAABTASTIC November 07, 2003
the two round soft parts at the front of woman's body that produce milk
She has breast cancer
by suicide11 June 28, 2005
A chew toy for men as opposed to dogs....unless you're into that sort of thing.
Man: Lemme suck ur titty.
Woman: Okay fine. *To Dog* Move over Fido.
by hottiemonster July 18, 2005
The part of the woman that is used to "tit-fuck", or have mammary sex, or it is used to suck on.(with and without milk, with milk by young boys and without milk for older boys and adult men.) (not to mention lesbians)
The wall felt like sand paper to the nipples of my breasts.( and your pubic hair)
by Per Verted February 05, 2005

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