A womans balls that she wears on her chest rather than between her legs.
Damn, that girl is a bad ass...she has some breasticles!
by Mommahunka November 19, 2007
A pair of male genetalia that has nipples on the testicles. Hence, breast + testicle = breasticle. Found in countries where dangerous cosmetic surgery is legal.
That doob has large breasticles.
by Drewboy January 14, 2006
saggy boobs that look like testicles; testicles as big as breasts; breasts as small as testicles
oh gross, breasticles; Wow, you've got some nice BREASTICLES
by bread infection October 22, 2005
when a chick's tits hang so low, they look like balls.
grandma has a hairy set of breasticles
When a woman's boobs hang low and resemble gonads
Is that your taint? No, it's my bellybutton.
by Rodan February 23, 2004
the ball sack that hangs below a boob when the person lifts it up
oh my god sarah stop hitting me in the face with your breasticle!
by justinoutragousx August 08, 2011
An undesirable protrusion of the ribs, creating large bumps between the breast and the testicle areas.
"That guy would be hot if he didn't have such big breasticles.
by Jayanan the Mighty June 15, 2009

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