a place in which huge jugs can be hired for a while, usually for a night of fun
Dude: where were you last night?

Stoner: i was down the breastaurant. i got me some 34DD's! hours of fun! :D
#breast #boob #tits #jugs #restaurant
by !NICK! September 13, 2006
Resturant that offer great food but have Great boobs to look at.

IE: Hooters
Hammy: Bruce, lets go to Hooters and get some beer and wings.

Bruce: Dude let me see if Richy wants to go to the breastaurant.

Hammy: Ok
#hooters #boobs #wings #beers #dude
by HammyHam March 06, 2009
1) A combo word for a "bar" and a "restaurant" combined.
2) A restaurant where women with large breasts work.
1) Sally: "Hey, Tara! I'm hungry for some good food but I want a beer, too!"
Tara: "Let's go to Chili's! It's got food and beer because it's a breastaraunt."

2) Tim: "Hey man, I really want to eat but I want to see hot girls, too."
Andy: "Let's go to Hooters, it's my favorite breastaurant."
#breast #bar #restaurant #food #alcohol
by goldengirl123 December 18, 2013
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