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the pre-puberty bumps behind the nipples of girlz. Good moneymaker for the bra industry.
she couldn't be 14, she's only got her breast buds so far
by Jake January 30, 2004
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breasts that are shallow to the point of almost being invisible - like those of a slim prepubescent or peri-pubescent girl. Breast buds are characterized by their shallowness (closeness to the chest), not by their narrowness. Long, narrow breasts are not breast buds.
Though Donna was in her mid-30s, she had dieted so assiduously that she had the body of a 14 year old ballerina and the barely perceptible breast buds of a prepubescent girl. However, when excited, her nipples became hard like two halves of an unripened plum.
by wouldaben January 06, 2011
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