Cocaine and champagne. You know you are a true champion when you can afford to do lines and sip cristal when you get out of bed.

Alternatively wheaties cereal has been know as the breakfast of champions.
(DAN) So what did you eat for breakfast today?
(TOM) C&C, cocaine and champagne
(DAN) Oh I see. You had the breakfast of champions.
by mr.seventeenfifty October 01, 2009
Refers either to an unsatisfying breakfast (sour milk, burnt toast, etc) or just a generally very bad start to the day
Lynn: What’s wrong with you?

Adam: Oh. I had the breakfast of champions this morning
by The Captive Spirit September 12, 2010
When a girl wakes the guy she slept with the night before up with a blowjob and swallows.
Guy: (snoring)
Girl: Alright, time to wake up...


Guy: Dang babe, here comes the breakfast of champions!
by KittyCatty June 04, 2005
when you teabag a girl while taking a dump on her chest
Person 1: What'd you do with Stacey last night?

Person 2: Mannn shittt i let her have that breakfast of champions

Person 1: man i told you that bitch was a freak
by richy34 December 13, 2010
Marijuana, weed, or pot. Sometimes used in a abbreviated state as B.O.C.
'Dudes did you get the B.O.C. for tonight?'

'I'm all out of Breakfast of Champions again.'

'Damn I need some Breakfast.'
by TheOneandOnlyTT March 16, 2006
A morning bongload usually with ice cubes instead of bongwater. Very refreshing.
To cure their hangovers, the guys enjoyed a breakfast of champions to start their days off right.
by hughmonger November 03, 2003
rice krispies in beer; generally followed by a cigarette, and possibly some combo of leftovers from the last night, but only the beer and rice krispies are really needed for a breakfast of champions (bonus if wheaties used instead of rice crispies)
After the party we couldn't find any milk so we opted for a breakfast of champions-cigarettes and rice crispies in beer
by a-con September 18, 2007

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