Mars bar & a coke for breakfast - either through necessity (that's all there is), bone idleness or complete indifference to your body's nutritional requirements
He did not have time to eat before he left the house so popped into the shop for a breakfast of champions on the way in.
by PaulF October 04, 2006
Top Definition
Coffee and a cigarette
Start your day the healthy way - with the breakfast of champions!
by Peter June 28, 2005
A breakfast that your mom probobly wouldn't serve you. The average BoC (Breakfast of Champions) consists of things that do not require cooking and are consequently very popular with single men. Most BoCs are made up of any combination of the following:
Alcohol (often cheap beer)
tobacco (ussually cigarettes)
pop tarts (not toasted)
cereal-minus the milk (unless the milk is chunky)
caffine (usually coffee, Mt Dew or cola)
Some of the better BoCs may also include oral sex from (and sometimes given to)a girlfriend or one night stand.

Note: Some BoCs are cooked, but not by man enjoying the meal. The most common sources of the cooked BoC are resturaunts like the Waffle House, IHOP, Denny's and the local diner type establishment. These must include pancakes, hash browns, ketchup, biscuits and gravy, ketchup, hot sauce and/or lots of butter and grease.
My Breakfast of Champions began with a Mt Dew. Then I went to Jungle Jim's Cafe for a cooked BoC. I got a 6 biscuit order of biscuits and gravy, some hash browns, a bottle of ketchup, a shortstack of pancakes, a half pound of butter and enough Frank's Redhot to down a horse.

I had the cooked BoC because the morning before, I just had cold poptarts and some old milk.
by northendwhitetrash October 31, 2008
the perfect hangover breakfast based on junk food and other crap you can possibly find in a college student's kitchen cabinet...

A good example of breakfast of cahmpions would be:
sausage McMuffin + a can of diet coke + leftover pepperoni pizza + a bowl of frosted cereals + Maalox plus tablets

"Fuck dude, that's what I call the breakfast of champions!!"
by Stars of Mars March 14, 2007
Cunnilingus performed in the morning. (So named for the similarity between the labia majora and two strips of bacon.)
I'll have you know, Bertrand, that this morning I partook of the breakfast of champions.
by The only Andrew in San Antonio April 16, 2008
Commonly known as 'goin down on' your girlfriend the morning after a previous night of rampant sex
"i had a 'breakfast-of-champions' this morning, my my, it didnt go down too well"
by Zigz November 05, 2003
Excellent book by Kurt Vonnegut

Nutritious way to start your day.
Yeah, Breakfast of Champions sure is an excellent book by Kurt Vonnegut
by Benska December 02, 2003
Black coffee and a cigarette as your first and only meal before noon.
The Breakfast of Champions is staining my teeth
by drunk money November 13, 2006
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