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An anonymously delivered poop deposited in somebody else's restroom by a house guest early in the morning before anybody else has awoken and is discovered immediately because of an evidently rich scent once the issuer disappears.
Hey we probably had too much cheese last night at our New Year's party. Someone left a breakfast special in the toilet right before I got in there!
#first poo #first crap #primary poo #early shit #toilet hijacking
by eatabagel January 01, 2013
When one pours syrup on a girls nipple (most of the time big nipples) the said one pokes then slaps then flip the breasts (like a pancake) then yells "Would you like eggs with that" and finally cum on the girl
Ronald: I breakfast special Denny last night.

B.K.: I did the same thing to Wendy.
by CCWolfpack December 07, 2015
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