A breakfast composed of a bowl of Kraft Dinner and several shots of Tequila. Should be noted that if its done after Noon, its not breakfast, pussy. Extra points if you make the Kraft dinner with beer instead of milk.
Party-Boy 1: What could make this breakfast a true breakfast of champions?
Party-Boy 2: Tequila, bitch!!!
by Johnny Spectacular February 23, 2005
after staying upp all night doing whatever and a whole bunch of people usually friends go and unite for some binging this takes place in the wee hours of the morning usually between 6 or 7 am
hey man you comming to the breakfast of champions billy and creg are going to be there.
by andre April 24, 2005
fellatio performed with a mouthful of hot coffee
This breakfast of champions gives new meaning to "do you take cream in your coffee"
by Lotireg September 18, 2007
Mars bar & a coke for breakfast - either through necessity (that's all there is), bone idleness or complete indifference to your body's nutritional requirements
He did not have time to eat before he left the house so popped into the shop for a breakfast of champions on the way in.
by PaulF October 04, 2006
When up to four people (usually asians) gather around a wok and inject massive amounts of egg yolk into each other's asses. They proceed to have a conversation for about 15 minutes before shitting the feces-egg mixture into the wok. Broil for 10 minutes. Enjoy.
breakfast of champions, it will change your life.
by Iosef Vissarionovich May 20, 2006
Hot food to provide much needed energy to withstand pummelling by sweaty, horny riggers. Usually accompanied by sprinkles of dried cum on cornflakes.
Heh. We fed this week's Rigger Monkey with a wicked dose of Breakfast of Champions so he could milk us with his love-cheeks.
by donkeycum March 29, 2003
beer and tomato juice
drink up, breakfast of champions
by sixbynine July 14, 2005

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