Your chubby, when your girl finishes it off first thing in the morning. Also known as an alarm cock when you get her started before she wakes.
"Hey, you were late to the meeting this morning."
"Yeah, had to finish serving up some breakfast meat."
"Damn straight!"
by t8d February 03, 2007
Top Definition
To wake up sporting morning wood in all its rigid glory.
Carl woke up sporting Breakfast Meat. Not wanting to let something that rigid go to waste, he gave it a good wanking before busting a nut and hitting the shower.
by Dick Betweenus April 15, 2015
Blowjobs in the morning that feel heavenly.
Yo, I woke up to Janice enjoying her breakfast meat, and man it was amazing!
by NoArmsSally March 21, 2016
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