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When a man shits on a girl in bed then wraps her up in the blankets.
Johnny made Alison in to a breakfast burrito last night.
by andy234567 May 24, 2006
when a man shoves a piece of bacon up a girls ass and fucks it. It takes place in the morning
damn that breakfast burrito was amazing today
by tinkolot October 20, 2009
One of the truely awesome foods of our time, a synthesis of Bacon, Cheese, Potatoes, Beans, Rice, Carne Asada, Pico, and Salsa. Only found in it's orginal form in San Diego. **Warning** will cause a violent shat about 10:30 in the morning, most likely at work, or possibly while playing Counter Strike at work.
Dude, I munched down a double B from Juanbertos, and now I've got the Volcano Craps. Totally worth it.
by Virtualmikey July 08, 2004
morning hard on
"I woke up with a major breakfast burrito this morning and had to go to the peepshow to wank off."
by Penny Paxil November 10, 2003
A man defecates into his partner's mouth in the morning, usually waking them in the process. They then pleasure him with oral sex, keeping as much of the feces in their mouth as possible in order to increase the man's pleasure.
My girlfriend gave me a breakfast burrito, and later died of several horrible diseases.
by englishhotpocketmaster October 23, 2010
The gayest item of all the items on the Sonic menu.
"Hey, they didn't put your gay burrito in here. Where's your gay burrito?"
by CowboySven July 06, 2004
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