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0: a poor soul who once thought that his/her engineering degree would lead to personal fulfillment and worldly riches; but is now trapped in a dead-end, white-collar industrial job

1:a glorified grease monkey with an engineering degree that does useless paperwork all day.

2: the nuclear plant equivalent to calling a McDonald's employee a "Culinary Logistics Engineer"

2:an overpaid, white-collar mechanic that is unworthy of the honorable 'engineer' title

3:a sucker who worked hard in college to earn a degree in electrical engineering; who now spends his days wishing he knew how to juggle and swallow fire so that he could join the circus
Young Child: that poorly dressed man a bum?

Mother: No honey, that's not a bum...that's just a breaker engineer.
by breaker engineer September 08, 2008
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