Too run or leave quickly
Man im bout to break.
by Crashoverride October 04, 2003
A Break when your girlfriend thinks that she needs time away to sort things out. Which is total and utter bullshit. It really means she is too scared to get serious and she just wants to show her ass and whore herself to as many dudes as possible cuz she's just like that and she swears thats not the case but you later find out that while your just jerkin off, she makin out with other dudes. Then you realize you don't need this shit and you grab ur balls or whats left of them and tell her that we should just be friends(really means you broke my heart you dirty bitch now you will play my game) and when you do break it off she will say thats sucks and feel really stupid and blow ur phone up and she will ask you why u cant it be the same like it was and u say NO POCKET BULLSHIT and get back ur swagger and then you ask for your gifts back cuz she's got a new man and she will get so pissed and you say you don't want her mind to stray like it did when we where together and she will be really mad and thats what she gets and she will realize she lost one. and tell her ur not one of many.
Perfect Example:
She might write u cuz she can't face u cuz she knows she wrong: but read on

So I just wanted to write you to tell you that I still like you but I think we should take a break. Everything we talk about is still true but I think I need some time to get myself together before I got to serious because at first I wanted to jump right in but now I think I want to not jump into a serious relationship just yet. So we should still talk and stuff, I hope you can somehow somewhat understand where I’m coming from and not like throw me out completely, like its just a break you know? Like I don’t want to like give up, so YEAH. I think you know how I feel and you know I’d do this so I hope you wont be mad and you’ll understand. Please call me.

And that came from my ex ^^^
by Ripped azz Nigga January 27, 2007
to breakdance
Yo man can you break?
by dre vassallo March 18, 2003
The real "urban" definition is to leave quickly, run away. it's not all this, "we were on a break" you guys are thinking too literal.
Let's break!
I broke outta there with the quickness...
by jREADY February 07, 2008
When a couple decides to spend time apart without actually breaking up. The duration of the break is decided at the time the break begins. During this time their is little or no communication, and the couple spends absolutely NO time together. It is considered rude and nosy to check on the other persons whereabouts or activities and neither person has the right to do so. "Breaks" are usually taken after a number of problems within the relationship become to serious for the couple to stay together. Instead of braking up it allows for the opportunity to sort things out and to think about the relationship with the possibility of getting back together. Sometimes breaks are used as an excuse for one person to date around without having to give up the other person. In some cases the parameters of the break are established in such a way that neither party is allowed to date or spend time with someone whom they are sexually attracted to. If the break doesn't include such a rule, then it is each person's option to date and ''see other people'' as they choose. If this is the case then neither person needs to account for their time or actions to the other person in relation to any part of the "break" even after the break is over. Essentially the idea of a "break" is to momentarily cut all communication that isn't absolutely necessary so there is time to think and decide what needs to happen next: brake up for good, or get back together.
John: I think that we need some time to think about things and decide what it is that we really want. We are miserable right now and maybe time can help us figure it out.

Jane: Ok, lets take a break then.

John: Ok. Do you wanna talk again in a month then?

Jane: Ya, I think that would be good. Maybe dating some other people would help us too. I mean don't get serious with anybody but just go out.

John: Ya thats a good idea. I'll call you in a month and then and we can see where we are.

Jane: Ok. Bye.

John: Bye
by Whitykantdance December 12, 2010
In competitive forensics, to break is to advance past preliminary rounds to elimination rounds.
Eliz: Hey, did you break to quarterfinals in debate?
Mike: No, Ash and I dropped in octafinals.
by bitterspice May 30, 2005
Break 1. noun; to tell your girl/boyfriend that you pause your relationship to "sort things out". it usually ends in a beak-up, because it is a lame excuse to get with another girl/guy on the side for a quick hook-up.
After the date, Pam and David went on a break. That same night David slept at Stephanies.
by xStealthModx August 31, 2006
In pool, to hit the cue ball first, and break the triangle of balls. Usually determines whether a person is playing stripes or solids.

Also means to give change for a large bill.
1. Brad's gonna lose anyway, so you might as well let him break.

2. Kathy: I need your $3.50
Cj: Can you break a ten?
by Cap'n Awesome March 08, 2006

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