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After a guy is excited, and ready to cum, "break me off" means to make him cum.
"Okay, baby. Break me off."
by Megan October 07, 2003
get a girl off with rough sex
Oh baby break me off...I want it hard.
by Fagalicious October 07, 2003
as in "give me some"
as in movie "Clueless"...when character sees a cute waiter and says '"break me off a piece" of that.' She wants some of the waiter.
by julie October 05, 2003
to give someone some sex or anything else that they want you to share with them.
I need a nigga to break me off!

Yo break me off a peice of that wattamelon!
by scorpio 1 February 21, 2006
while dancing, being able to get a girl on the verge of wanting your body more than anything in the world
After a night at the club..."He was the only one there that could break me off." He must've been amazing.
by Kelly Johnson May 15, 2005
A lyric from the Donna's song Take it Off. Like the band, vaguely sexual but probably not a good idea.
Donnas: Come on and break me off, cause I get what I want and I like what I see
by Panzerhinaus October 05, 2003
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