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the kind of undies my gf likes to wear a lot. somewhere between a thong and a bikini in terms of coverage of the female goodies. makes me stand at attention evertime i get a view of her ass in them.
my gf's asian btw. she's a fuckin hottie too.
by rotten ralph July 27, 2004

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The gold standard in women underwear. Brazilian panties or "calcinhas" are characterized by their perfect coverage--somewhere between a thong and a bikini indeed--excellent fabric (usually lycra or cotton and lace), beautiful construction, delicate details, and super cute colors (usually light, soft shades). The result is a beautiful, sexy, extremely comfy and highly democratic pantie--these things look good on any booty nationality, not just Brazilian.

Disclaimer: Ok, I'm Brazilian, and, yes, I'm a girl. Sooo, I'm kinda biased, but just a tiny little bit.
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*Results may vary. It helps if you are already sorta hot.
by PenelopeCharmosa April 12, 2010