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When two Brazilian Transvestites are having sex and one gives the other a pink sock.
I was watching some Brazilian tranny porn i found and i almost puked when i saw the Brazilian Blowout at the end!
by Coyote79 October 04, 2010
15 22

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When a girl with a shaved pussy queefs on her partners face.
My face was all sticky this morning.
My chick gave me a Brazilian blowout last night.
by kstan3 October 10, 2010
48 33
when fucking a brazilian prostitute, and her daily givings leak out ontop of the paying customer. looks similar to diarrhea.
Dude I was railing this brazilian prostitute last week and she got diarrhea on me. No man you got a brazilian blowout, that was all the others dudes cum leaking out of her.
by phenominally wise February 08, 2011
20 13
The ACTUAL non-sexual definition is a kerotin hair treatment that smooths your hair and makes it super soft and shiny. If taken care of, it should last 12 weeks up to 6 months.
My hair was super frizzy, but then I had a Brazilian blowout and now it's smooth.
by Annoying Ninja June 12, 2013
8 4
Shitting yourself while you are getting a brazilian wax.
The pain from the waxing caused Aunt Thelma to have a brazilian blowout.
by Idaho G Spot June 03, 2010
30 28
n. the inevitable syndrome comprising the full consequences of eating at an all-you-care-to-eat churrascaria. Starting with meat sweats and eventually progressing to meat shits.
"I had so much linguica and picanha last night at Fogo de Chao... I've been praying for a Brazilian blowout all morning."
by SmoovB August 18, 2013
1 2
A dangerous and costly sex act wherein an attractive Brazilian man stimulates the woman's vagina by blowing a "raspberry" for approximately 45 minutes at a time. A very disorienting procedure, this can only safely be accomplished by men classically trained in the nearly forgotten Brazilian vibratory lip singing sport known as "mawanablowyamons".
Susan had purchased three sessions of Brazilian Blowout's during her 5 hour port visit from the cruise she had been saving up for. She knew that this "Brazilian Blowout" could be dangerous, but after ten years in the monastery she yearned to call out "Oh God, yes!" and not really mean it. She was working her way up to the mythical turfucken.
by John Boehners April 11, 2011
17 20